Should You Buy Armored Cars For Your Business?

If you’re looking to buy an armored car for your business, you have a few things to consider before you purchase one. These include cost, safety, and inconspicuity. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each. Read on to learn more about these vehicles and why you should buy one for your business. Also, learn about the technology used to make them. There are numerous benefits of these cars.

Bulletproof cars


An armored car isn’t always obvious, and it is essential to consider inconspicuousness when buying one. Most armored cars are not much larger than a standard vehicle, and the design makes it difficult to tell them apart from other vehicles. An armored Range Rover Sentinel, for example, contains more than a ton of steel plate and armored glass inside the body. It can withstand a pipe bomb explosion and even go deep into a lake or up steep mountains. The vehicle weighs double what a standard Range Rover weighs.

Another important consideration is comfort. If you’re a diplomat, you may not need a fully armored car that is noticeable to others. But if you work in a high-risk area, a less noticeable armored car will help you keep your cool – and stay safe. Inconspicuous armored cars are not just for world leaders and drug lords; the world’s aristocracy also use them.

Resistance to robbery

Bulletproof cars are becoming a popular way to protect valuable assets. The financial industry is one of the largest consumers of these vehicles, as they can transport valuable assets to banks and financial institutions. Many universities and schools also use armored vehicles to transport money. They are specially designed to resist robberies and bullets from most handguns. These vehicles can protect up to 600 million dollars.

One armored van driver was attacked by a thief disguised as a security guard and tried to rob him of his weapon and the contents of a bag containing an undisclosed amount of cash. However, the guard defended himself and shot the assailant, who fled with the money bag. Another bulletproof car guard was ambushed and injured in a Walmart parking lot. The guard who was pepper-sprayed the suspect was able to shoot and capture him, but the thief was unable to steal the money bag and fled.


While high-profile individuals often arm themselves or their security detail and have security systems in place in their homes, they may not always have a reliable form of transport. They might travel frequently, or use a vehicle that conceals ballistic vests in high-exposure situations. This makes them vulnerable targets. Armoured cars can help them close this security gap. They also provide peace of mind for those who buy them.

When considering buying an bulletproof car, it’s important to consider all aspects. Not all armored cars are created equal. Some are more advanced than others. Some have many safety features, such as blind-spot detection, shock-resistant door handles, and more. This can make them a better choice for your needs than personal bodyguards. And with crime rates rising around the world, armored cars are more important than ever. Whether your needs are local, national, or international, it’s crucial to find a vehicle that is right for your needs.


The cost of buying armored cars can be very high, often double or even triple the price of the car itself. Most customers prefer to purchase a vehicle rated to withstand assault rifle rounds, referred to as an “A9” car. While these vehicles are expensive, they are worth every penny and can provide peace of mind to your company. A sales consultant can assist you in finding the best armored car for your budget.

The costs of buying bulletproof cars depend on several factors. The make and model of the vehicle, the amount of special protection applications, and the features added to the car are the main factors that determine the cost of armoring. Prices can range anywhere from $300k to 1.5 million dollars, depending on the type of vehicle and the amount of armoring it receives. However, it’s important to note that the higher the armored car’s price, the better the protection it has.