Market Rules

Market Rules 2016

  1. All vendors must have their applications approved by the Market Manager. Decisions of the Manager may be appealed in writing to the board of the Pier Street Association whose decision will be final.
  2. All products/services will meet with government health standards, and the vendor – not the Market – will be held liable and responsible for any products/services. Individual booth tidiness, security and fire prevention are the responsibility of the vendor, as is their responsibility that their product/service is suitable for the family atmosphere of the Market.
  3. All vendors must read the Market Rules and sign the contract on the application form.
  4. Goods for sale should be farmed or produced by the vendor. Consignment sales and the resale of products must be approved by the Market Manager before the market day. Origin of approved goods from outside Vancouver Island (for example from Okanagan Valley and California) must be clearly and visibly labeled.
    Preference given to locally produced goods.
  5. For safety reasons, vendors must set up by 9:45 am and stay set up until market officially ends at 2:30 pm. ONLY FARMERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE EARLY, and only after the noon whistle, under the supervision of the Market Manager.
  6. All rules of the Market are enforced by the Market Manager who has ultimate on-site authority and who is responsible to the Board of Pier Street Association. If a vendor does not abide by the rules, the Market Manager may take any action deemed appropriate, including barring the vendor from selling at the market for that day and any future market days.
    A vendor may appeal any decision by the Market Manager. An appeal must be presented in writing to the Board of the Pier Street Association. The decision reached by the Pier Street Association will be considered final.
  7. Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their stall area before leaving the market.
  8. Moving vehicles is prohibited in the market area during market hours to ensure the safety of the public and other vendors unless directed by the Market Manager.
  9. All vendors are responsible for meeting Department of Health requirements and regulations. Food sellers must have an approved Health Department “Special Events Temporary Food Establishment Permit” and operators must have a Food Safe Certificate. Vendors may contact 250-850-2110.
  10. If a vendor cannot attend their scheduled market, PLEASE CALL THE MARKET MANAGER BY SATURDAY AT NOON. Vendors who are ‘no-shows’ (other than emergency) risk being moved. Cancellation may be made by telephone or text to 250-895-0166), or by email at If the Market is cancelled due to a storm, the Manager will inform vendors by phone and/or email on the morning of the market (between 6am and 8 am).
  11. It is expected that vendors prepare themselves since rain showers might occur. No money-back guarantee for bad weather market days. If you choose to attend, please be prepared.
  12. Communication will be conducted by email, so vendors are responsible to check their emails regularly or to notify the Market Manager at 250-895-0166 if email is unavailable.
  13. Under VIHA rules, no animals may be present in food and beverage vendor areas.
  14. All vendors are covered by the market’s Campbell River Municipal Business License Certificate and by the market’s liability insurance. Membership fees include liability insurance coverage by the BCFMA.
  15. Gas generators are not allowed. Electrical power will be provided upon previous request at an additional cost of $2.00 per vendor per market.
  16. Vendor is required to supply and set up their own booth and provide all necessary equipment. Vendors will be shown where they can set up on arrival. Some tents and tables are available for rent by prior notice (tables @ $5.00, tents @ $20.00).
  17. All vendors are required to inform the market manager of their intended attendance dates. Vendors purchasing drop-in packages are responsible to attend the days they’ve chosen. No refunds.
  18. Vendor applications are available March 1, 2016, or by calling the Market Manager at 250-895-0166. Date of application may be considered in the acceptance process. Pre-payment for membership is required by cash or cheque.Inquiries: Reid King